Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, MS, MA, LPC

Addiction is a disease that affects family, friends, and others who care about the individual abusing substances. Matters are further complicated when there is significant wealth or a family business. Managing multiple roles, financial/business decisions versus family decisions, and distinguishing between enabling and support is tedious. What’s possible versus what’s wise can be hard to discern.

Through Eredita, LLC, I consult and coach multi-generational families around the country on a wide array of complex matters. Utilizing both technical knowledge from formerly being a CPA and qualitative expertise as a seasoned counselor, I am able to help families navigate the complexities of wealth, business, and addiction, in a manner that integrates all of the moving parts. Collaboration with the family’s advisors fosters financial and business decisions that are responsive to the family’s unique values, challenges, needs, and dreams. More information can be found at

For clients seeking individual or couples work, I have a private practice in Charleston, SC (Mt. Pleasant). Addiction, codependency, and wealth are my primary area of focus. This practice is called Vineyard Counseling. More information can be found at