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Hello, My name is Letarae, and I have a passion for the field of drug and alcohol recovery. My goal is to bring about awareness and provide solutions for Seniors and Reluctant Addicts/Alcoholics and their families. This is my specialty, and a special needs area that is often overlooked or ignored. I provide Intervention solutions by working closely with the families and then the client to assess the situation in a professional and discreet manner. I recommend and work with specialized facilities that best fits the client’s needs. My years of experience in this field, as well as research, references, site visits and previous client experiences provide safe and professional services from these facilities.

Are you worried about your elderly parent who has withdrawn into themselves and have difficulty staying focused?
When alcohol and or prescription drugs are used they often cause confusion and become a concern for safety. I encourage family members to get honest with themselves and get outside advice.

Please feel free to call me for a free fifteen-minute telephone assessment. It's an easy way to have your concerns confirmed. And to define the next step to take.

Dependence and Denial and How it Affects Seniors
by Letarae Haas
          Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor
                  Board Registerd Interventionist
Firstly, we need to drop our usual preconceived ideas and assumptions about aging to realize that substance dependence and denial occurs frequently among seniors and their families.  

No matter how informed we are regarding exercise, nutrition, and living well, we soon discover that the Senior Life is definitely more restricted.  As we grapple with the aging process, the use of alcohol and prescription drugs can seem like a way of gaining some control over the things we don't like, and a way of coping with physical and mental limitations.  But this is a temporary solution, and it can and does back-fire among older people with devastating results.

Research reminds us that, even if we are active seniors, our metabolism is slower and we feel the effects of even one glass of wine. If we are also using medications this can become a dangerous combination.
Alcohol and medicine don’t mix.  Families can struggle with the reality of aging parents and not know what to do regarding dependence on alcohol and prescription drugs. Societal and family attitudes can be painful and deceptive. Doctors and nurses need to be educated concerning the dependence of drugs and alcohol among seniors. We see frequent misdiagnosis because of undisclosed dependence due to denial.

Educate yourself and your loved ones. Ask your family member the hard questions, read about dependence upon alcohol and prescription drugs, speak to health care professionals, talk to a professsional Interventionist or addictions counselor that specializes in working with seniors and their families. Denial is just another form of avoiding a difficult or painful situation. Accurate information is the best resource and it is available.
Dependence upon drugs and alcohol doesn't respect age, culture, affluence or education. Inform yourself and inform your loved ones.